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i'm debugging ansible and i get inside a host payload and find:


ansi-ball-z. nerds.

if anyone else has a TCL-brand TV and you happened to read the article about how they subsidize the cost of the tv with ad revenue, i hooked ours up to a bridge device earlier: doubleclick and google.

telecom moves at a pace that implies people still smoke pipes and have penpals.

it's a long day in a long month, in a summer that doesn't end, in a year where time seems marked by who our president has insulted recently.

*slaps roof of unmaintained WordPress install* this bad boy can fit so many rootkits

"We are shutting down Google+ for consumers"

"90 percent of Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds"

i wanna congratulate a coworker for saying hi from his car in a way that didn't trigger my self-defense response and cause me to shout at him.

I think sometimes people think horns can be used in a friendly way? maybe if you're inside a soundproof glass container they can be.

hmm, the spanish invasion over on looks kinda tension-filled.

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Serious.  Ferret.  Business.

Did you buy raisin futures? Did you hide them under the couch? If so, you might be ready for some business.