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i wanna congratulate a coworker for saying hi from his car in a way that didn't trigger my self-defense response and cause me to shout at him.

I think sometimes people think horns can be used in a friendly way? maybe if you're inside a soundproof glass container they can be.

hmm, the spanish invasion over on looks kinda tension-filled.

i was riding along tonight and spotted a young girl wearing a hoodie with a big ol' baphomet on the back and bright pink sneakers. it made me hopeful.

it should also be said though, that i still think it's a really neat group of servers and systems. I like it, even with the previously stated condition. what a nice cluster of software.

i think honestly the biggest barrier to using mastodon is the lack of people i know. which.. yeah. it's something. but it seems like the largest groups out this far are a. the people who feel utterly betrayed by social media, b. gnus, c. straight-up ambulatory human waste

oracle puts per-core licensing into jdk 11 and this is my shocked face

american politics 

@rb is this getting back to you correctly? you're literally the first person to interact with it. i'm wondering if i installed it correctly.

Serious.  Ferret.  Business.

Did you buy raisin futures? Did you hide them under the couch? If so, you might be ready for some business.